A Christmas Tree | work in progress

translator:  Magdalena Podobińska

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A Christmas tree is standing today
at the center of the room
Children are over the moon!
They are dancing around
and clapping their hands cheerfully
Miss Green soon will be adorned beautifully
Children will decorate her with dreams
It will be illuminated with lights
hot and bright as their little hearts

The Christmas tree smelled like gingerbread
Apples and oranges
It smelled like hope
Let good things happen all over the world!
Children will wrap the tree with chains
made of good wishes ...

Dad picked up a star from the sky
It has to be put at the top of the Christmas tree, very high
Mom covered the table with a white cloth
The Three Kings are probably right now
walking along the road

Christmas tree lit up the room with lights
It is standing now
on tiptoes over the gifts
It almost touches the ceiling
Outside the window we can see the snow dance
And the frost is painting graffiti on the windowpane

And inside the house it is so warm ...
Because of the borscht with mushroom dumplings
Because of the platter with carp
Unexpected visitor come and sit down with us at the table ...

Christmas tree once green
now it is so beautifully adorned
Little angels sat on the branches
They are hitting the balls and the bells softly
Christmas carol resounded quietly
It brings the good news to the world:
Gladness and joy
The child is born
In every home In every soul
Bethlehem is today!

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